Fellow Warrior & Keeping Positive

It’s always so great to meet other parents that “get it” Parents who understand the torture of a day of stimming, or a day of watching the same movie over and over and over again.  By chance today at work I was chatting with a lady that comes in to do housekeeping for one of our residents. I’ve chatted a lot in the past to her, but today it came up in conversation that her son has Autism along with his DS.  Her son is grown now at 22 years old while my son is 12 but she’s been where I am. We talked about school issues (ie sensitive butt-hurt principals), family issues ( family who don’t try to interact with our affected kiddos and how hurtful it is)  We also discussed how hard it is to find good people to work with our kids, and how when you do get a really good one you never, ever want to see them go! I swear I would make someone sign a contract in blood to never move, have a baby, change careers and so on until Parker is 18! I raved about one of Parker’s workers and how lucky we were to have her. ( She is really great) It was just great to talk to someone else in the “trenches” so to speak. The feeling of camaraderie kept me going for the rest of my work day.

Then right after work I went to pick Parker up and got the news that our amazing worker had just put in her two weeks notice today. I was gutted. Scared. Sad. Worried. the whole gamut of emotions. I immediately started worrying about how it was going to affect Parker and in turn affect all of us. Could we possibly get lucky enough to find someone new who cared about Parker the same way? Someone who would actively advocate for him. Someone who is basically a rock star?

I definitely could feel my stress level shooting through the roof. I was plunged back in time to those first days when Parker moved to the resource. The guilt, anxiety all coming back to me. But I don’t want to live like that. Focusing on the negative isn’t going to help. I have to think that maybe our rock star was only meant to be in our lives for a certain amount of time. Change isn’t always a bad thing- I repeat, change is not always a bad thing. So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that the universe is kind enough to shoot another star our way.

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