Hello weekend!

I love weekends. Not because I’m off very weekend. I work in health care. There are no weekends. But because it’s the time of week when all my kiddos are under one roof.  When Parker first transitioned to living at the resource we waited a few months to have him home for the night. We wanted to make it less confusing during an already stressful and tumultuous time. I still don’t know if we transitioned him well or not. We had no guidance and no one to talk to about our situation because we don’t know anyone else who has gone through it. But that’s a whole different post. But during those first months even though I saw Parker every day, when I was at home it always felt like something was missing. I always thought I heard him and was always still “on” all the time. It felt very unnatural to sit still and not be checking on him every few minutes. 

Once he started coming home for sleepovers, I finally felt more connected and at ease. It’s certainly not a natural thing having your child living somewhere other than you are, so it’s no big surprise to me looking back at it hindsight, that I felt so off center. 

So it’s my happiest times when I can look around the house and see all 3 kiddos doing their thing, because that’s how it should be in a perfect typical world. 

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