Autism Daddy

I found autism daddy’s blog quite a while ago now and from the first moment I started reading I felt like we were kindred spirits. Seriously. It’s like this guy was in my brain. His son is so similar to Parker it’s kinda crazy! I have met other parents locally who have children in the spectrum, but they are all on the higher functioning end. Our struggles are very different so it can be hard to relate to them. So when I read posts like the one Autism Daddy wrote today I want to yell from the mountain tops “SOMEONE ELSE GETS IT!!!” and then I kinda wanna stalk him and go hang out with him, because I can’t imagine how incredible it would be to sit down over coffee with someone going through so much of the same things. 

So because I can’t put into words any better than he has done I will share his post from today called “Why autism supermoms make me feel bad” 


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