Forms- the cursed F word. 

Even before your child is diagnosed with autism the first thing anyone wants you to do is fill out forms. What date did he do that or when did he start that. Ask anyone who’s had a few kids, by the time the 3rd one comes around you’re not quite as strict with writing down every milestone. It’s a sad true fact, there’s often less photos and less baby book entries. It’s not cause you love them less, it’s just cause you have so many kids! It’s busy! 

So whenever I’m faced with the daunting task of filling out forms I feel like I’m back in high school avoiding doing homework at any cost. I just really hate it. So much. But I also know it’s a necessary evil. We were part of a study for a few years through UBC and every time they came for a visit and assessment I would get a stack of forms to fill out. No exaggeration, there were usually 10-15 different questionnaires, and assessment forms. They gave me usually about 90 minutes to get them done. Ugh can you say writers cramp?

The forms have gotten less and less over the last few years thank goodness. But currently I’m about 2 weeks late handing in a form to my social worker. And she’s hounding me and I’m avoiding her like the good high school rebel I am.  I’ll get it done. I always do-eventually. I think mostly I just get tired of being reminded of how far behind my kiddo was at any given age. 

Anyhow off I go, putting off filling the form in for just a little longer,  at least until this evening anyway. 

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