Super siblings. 

  April 10th was National Siblings day. And as you can probably imagine,being the sibling to someone with autism isn’t easy at all. You often don’t get to go places you’d like to go because it isn’t a favourite place of your brothers or you get some of your belongings ripped up or broken when he has a melt down and is trashing anything in sight. You genuinely don’t know what each day will bring. You also get a set of parents that are so burnt out mentally and emotionally that at the end of the day there’s not a lot to give you and truthfully sometimes may take their frustrations out on you. 
But if you’re lucky like Parker is, you have two incredible older siblings. Ones who love him unconditionally . Ones who are proud of his achievements and who celebrate all the small victories in life. Ones that, despite all the heart ache and sometimes disappointment, are still there for him 100%

I’m so proud of the patience they’ve shown on this journey ,with all the sacrifices they’ve had to make, while we figured out how to keep our family happy and whole. 

You can see by the way Parker looks at his brother and sister how much he loves them and how important they are to him. It calms my spirit to know he has them always there for him, not begrudgingly, but because they truly love him. 

So in our house every day is national siblings day. I celebrate my other two very special kids and the amazing people they are growing up to be. 

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