Rock star

So a couple weeks ago I got a call from Parker’s resource teacher at school. There was a field trip coming up and they were worried that perhaps it would not go well with his recent behaviours. He’s been a bit of a jerk lately to be honest. And each day is kind of a crap shoot on what kind of mood he will be in (gotta love puberty). 

I really didn’t want him to miss out on a field trip that all of his peers were getting to go on, but I did understand where they were coming from. They didn’t want to be all the way in Vancouver and have Parker melting down and having no way to  remove him safely from the situation. 

So this is where one of the silver linings of our current situation comes in. Parker has 2 staff that work each day with him and they could covertly follow along to Vancouver and be a phone call away if Parker hits his breaking point and needs to leave early. He wouldn’t even be aware they were there. 

And in typical autism is a fickle bitch fashion, he was AMAZING. We had everything in place to deal with the jerky behaviour and there was none. It may seem like a small thing, having your kid go ona school  field trip. But when you throw autism into the mix and the love of predictability, you literally never know what each new situation will bring. We are so lucky he’s got a great team at school who are up for the challenge and equally lucky for the people who were his safety net of things became too much.

So I am a super proud mama and our village of support are proud too! I love seeing our boy succeed in situations that could be difficult for him. He’s growing so much.