Eye of the storm?

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Which is good. Very good. We of course were concerned we would see some recurrence of undesired behaviors with Parker’s sudden move to a new resource in September. Instead what we got was…nothing. None of the aggression we were expecting, none of the sadness in missing his previous workers. He has been amazing and honestly I could not be prouder of him.

It’s been a bit of work for us, “training” new staff on all of Parker’s things that make him the awesome person he is. But in hind sight it most likely has been the best thing that could have happened. While so many of the staff at his other placement were amazing (you know who you are) the owner of the company that provided the care left A LOT to be desired. Seriously I could write a book . And while Parker was safe and looked after (again thanks to his amazing people there) there were some that wasn’t the case for and thankfully this particular company will no longer be providing care for children. Definitely a silver lining.

Parker’s seizures however,  have made a reappearance over the last 6 months. I could definitely do without those. But I am hoping once he has finished up with puberty those will settle down again. Their reappearance also means another trip to Children’s Hospital, which is the stuff hangovers are made of.

So for now, no news is good news. We are looking forward to the year ahead of us, and enjoying our times together as a family. Many things to look forward to this year.


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