About Me

My name is Tonja. I’ve lived most of my life in the Fraser Valley BC. I have 3 children, with my youngest having severe autism, seizure disorder and severe hearing loss. My blog name “far from typical” just refers to my dislike for the words normal and typical as if anything outside of the norm or majority is wrong or bad. The world judges itself based on the idea that anyone differently abled than ourselves to be not normal or not typical. Living with autism has shown me that typical is a very subjective term and a term I don’t want to be defined by. We are many things in our family, loving, creative, emotional, excited, passionate, protective, awesome, the list goes on and on. I’d rather be known as any one of those thing rather than a “nice typical family”. Life is more exciting that way! I started this blog as a way to get my voice out there. When we were going through the transition with our youngest son going into care I scoured the Internet to find someone else who was going through the same thing and came up empty handed. I’m hoping this is one way to find or be there for others going through this in their lives as well. I also just really love writing. It’s something I always loved to do when I was younger. 

So this is me. A fiery ginger who is a “little” stubborn and fiercely protective of those that I love. I love reading, learning new things. And I’m learning to like challenging myself. 

So while this blog will mostly be about our autism journey as a family there will be other things too! Like travel or new favourite things or new crafting ideas (crocheting is great therapy!) and maybe a guest blog post by my hubby as well!